About us

Vikas SinghalDr. Vikas Singhal is one of the best Homeopathic Physicians in India. For almost two decades, he has been practicing at his private clinic – Dr. Singhal Homeo, at Sector 38-C, Chandigarh. In his practice since 2004, Dr. Vikas Singhal’s commitment and involvement in Homeopathic research have changed the prevailing conception of Homeopathy being only an alternative system of medicines. His endeavor in the field of Homeopathic practice has helped bring Homeopathy to the forefront. He is one of the best Homeopathic Physicians to treat acute & chronic, recurring, autoimmune, and resistant diseases in the Tricity and India. He is offering treatment to Indian Patients and patients from different parts of the world. Using his knowledge, experience, and extensive research on molecular Mechanisms of Action of the Homeopathic drugs, he has cured patients suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Vitiligo, Ankylosing spondylitis, Psoriasis, Osteomyelitis, and various rare diseases considered incurable in other systems of medicines.

He takes pride in his ability to serve the community and spread the knowledge of Homeopathy among people. He also helps Homeopathy students and aspirants, time to time through his educational and informational videos. On his Youtube channel, he keeps uploading new videos about diseases and their Homeopathic treatment. One can find testimonial videos of patients who got treated at Dr. Singhal Homeo on his Youtube Channel – “Homeo Doctor”. He also keeps attending national and international events on Homeopathy.

People from different professional groups, including daily wagers to renowned artists, MDs, academicians, and ministers, have been treated for their illnesses successfully by Dr. Vikas Singhal.

He deeply believes that the Homeopathic system of medicines has quite untapped potential in treating mild to severe and even rare diseases. Hence there is an immediate need to familiarize the effectiveness and benefits of Homeopathy among the common people, who, either due to a lack of knowledge or due to prevalent beliefs, rely almost blindly on the methodologies of the conventional medical system.

Besides Homeopathic medicines, Dr. Vikas also put an emphasis on nutrition being an inseparable part of Homeopathic treatment of any disease. One of the factors that make him one of the best in the field is that he devotes himself equally to every case. Perfection is one of his core principles, as he says, “It is the well-being and the service of our patients, that motivates us, rather than our benefits.”

The main aim of Dr. Singhal Homeo – Multispecialty Homeopathy Clinic is:

  • To ensure excellence in patient’s treatment.
  • Comply with the current legislation of India only.
  • Respect the skills of other health professionals and, if possible, work in cooperation with them.
  • Respond quickly and constructively to concerns, criticisms or complaints.
  • Practice creatively, but only within the limits of our competence.
  • Maintain and develop our professional knowledge and skills.
  • Disclose confidential information just in clearly-defined circumstances.
  • To create a legacy of what we are doing.
  • See always what difference we, as a team can make in the lives of others.
  • Be humble always.
  • Respect and protect your confidentiality.
  • Provide comprehensive and understandable information to help you make an informed choice.
  • Listen actively and respect your views and your right to choose freely.
  • Work to foster and maintain your confidence and that of the general public.
  • Act honestly and with professional integrity.
  • Treat you and everyone else very fairly, respectfully, sensitively and appropriately, without discrimination.
  • Respect your privacy and dignity on top priority.
  • Put your needs first not of ours.