Why Homeopathy

Homeopathy: A Nearly Complete Medicine System:

Homeopathy is not limited to specific diseases but is universally applicable to all types of conditions. It is time for people to be fully aware of the benefits and reach of homeopathy in the treatment of various diseases daily. Homeopathy should be more and more accessible to people in difficulty because it can positively help 90% of the infections we know today.

Homeopathy: Not a Last Resort

For the best results and the full benefits of homeopathic science, homeopathy should be used at the beginning of the disease. Due to ignorance and lack of public awareness of the usefulness of homeopathy in all kinds of illnesses ranging from colds to cancer, many patients approach homeopathy late. At this stage, the process of the disease is at an incurable stage and homeopathy can hardly offer solutions to otherwise curable disorders. However, a timely homeopathic treatment could be a blessing for humanity.

Homeopathic: Advice is Important

In the scientific era of health consciousness, time has come to take homeopathic advice for the treatment of any disease not responding to any particular treatment. Often, patients quickly lose their time to a specialist without recourse, without permanent relief, and approach homeopathy only when other drugs fail.

Homeopathy: Excellent for Psychosomatic Diseases

Homeopathy can successfully treat psychosomatic disorders such as migraine, asthma, acidity, peptic ulcer, allergy, ulcerative colitis, etc. Homeopathy has recognized the psychological origin of somatic (bodily) symptoms. Homeopathy always examines the mental constitution of the patient in all cases, and the remedies administered act together at the level of the mind and body, eliminating the disease.

Perhaps no other medical system has such a superb approach to tackling mind-body disorders with definite therapeutic agents. Homeopathic remedies can influence the state of mind. They can act individually to relieve emotional disturbances such as excessive anxiety, irritability, insecurity, obsessive traits, unwarranted jealousy, fears of suspicion (paranoia), depression, neurosis, etc. Thus, homeopathy demonstrates the possibility of the ultimate goal of medicine, the therapy for the person rather than for the disease alone. Homeopathic remedies can treat disturbed mental and emotional states.

Homeopathy: Answer to Allergic Diseases

In modern life, infections have decreased, and various allergic disorders have become widespread. Homeopathy offers a very effective treatment in all allergic diseases such as various skin diseases, such as urticaria, eczema, contact dermatitis, and gives incredibly miraculous results in asthmatic bronchitis.

Homeopathy: Often Avoid Surgery

Homeopathy is not against surgery, but Surgery is an art and a science in itself. The operation is called in cases where drugs have a limited or nonexistent role and in which medicine can cure or improve the disease. There are some so-called “surgical” diseases, in which homeopathy acts curatively and avoids surgery. Recurrent septic tonsillitis, piles, anal fissure, fistula, appendicitis (except gangrenous), chronic ear discharge, vocal cord nodules, nose-ear polyp, small gallstones, small uterus, small uterus fibroid, ovarian cysts, warts, corns, etc.

Homeopathy Offers Wonderful Treatment for Viral Infections:

Viral infection diseases such as cold, flu, measles, chickenpox, mumps, viral hepatitis (jaundice), viral meningitis, and many more are very well treated with homeopathy infection.

Homeopathy: Antibiotic Substitute for Various Infections.

Homeopathy is an effective alternative to antibiotics in various infectious diseases; it has no toxic side effects and allowing rapid recovery. Homeopathy treats many contagious diseases such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, meningitis, otitis media (ear pus), gastroenteritis (vomiting-diarrhea), dysentery, infections urinary, etc. better option for critical diseases such as cerebral malaria, typhoid, and acute tuberculosis, severe infection, etc.

Homeopathy: Ideal for Infants and Children:

Most childhood diseases such as colds, coughs, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, colic, tonsillitis, bronchitis, asthma, measles, chicken pox, mumps, teething problems, etc. side effects whatsoever. Unlike antibiotics and other drugs of this type, homeopathic pills do not hinder digestion or lower body resistance. They do not cause allergies or damage, even if taken over a long period. Children are happy to eat homeopathic pills with a sweet taste. Indeed, homeopathy is suitable for children! Also, homeopathy is also useful in temperament and behavior problems commonly seen in children, such as irritability, stubbornness, temper tantrums, fears, phobias, destructive power; and sucking the thumb, biting the nails, peeing in bed; as well as mentally and physically disabled children.

Homeopathy: Magic of The Minimum Dose:

Homeopathy has a unique approach to the method of drug preparation in which the result contains only the “dynamic healing power” of the drug substance, devoid of any original raw material. According to a special method of preparation called “potentization,” more than 2,500 homeopathic medicines are prepared from sources such as vegetables, animals, minerals, chemicals, and of course, they heal. Homeopathic remedies are dynamic agents that influence the energy of the body.

Homeopathy: Holistic Medicine:

The concept of disease in homeopathy is that the condition is a total affection of the mind and body, a disturbance of the whole organism. Individual organs are not the cause of the disease, but troubles at the inner level (disruption of the vital force, the essential energy of the body) are the cause of the disease. Therefore, homeopathy does not believe that it is necessary to give different drugs for different parts of the body affected, but rather a single constitutional remedy, which will cover the disorders of the person. Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole, not just the illness but it cures of the roots. Medical philosophy is concluding that the mere treatment of symptoms and organs can only help temporarily and that it is the healing power of the body as a whole that needs to be strengthened. Homeopathy believes in a holistic, total and individualistic approach.

Why Homeopathy Treatment is The Choice of Therapy?

Homeopathy is a scientific, logical, safe, fast and extremely effective healing method. It offers long-term, long-term healing by treating the disease with its roots for most conditions. Homeopathy is one of the most rational sciences in terms of concepts of health, illness, and treatment. Homeopathy does not deal superficially by chasing symptoms but heals the patient from within. Without a doubt, homeopathy is the medicine of the future.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an alternative method of treatment based on the law of healing nature, namely “similar treatments.” The truth of this law was discovered by a German scientist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, and has been experimentally and clinically verified for 200 years. Homeopathy is revolutionary and natural medical science. Homeopathy is a gentle and effective medical system. The remedies are prepared from natural substances according to precise standards and stimulate the healing power of the body.