Osteomyelitis and its Homeopathic Treatment

OsteomyelitisOsteomyelitis is a bone inflammation caused due to infection which affects the cells or tissues nearby. It is a severe condition which happens as a result of external injury by which bone gets exposed to germs. Moreover, during surgical procedures, patients get exposed to bacteria that result in osteomyelitis in few cases.

Primary Symptoms

Symptoms and Signs of Osteomyelitis Include

  1. Fatigue
  2. Fever
  3. Pain in an infected area
  4. Redness and swelling over the infected area

There are cases where osteomyelitis doesn’t show symptoms, and it becomes hard to differentiate the disease from other related health issues. Older adults and infants generally remain asymptomatic, and therefore it becomes hard to diagnose. Patients can search for healthcare professionals for the treatment of osteomyelitis when they feel severe pain in the bone.

Symptoms of Osteomyelitis

Major Complications of Osteomyelitis

Septic Arthritis: It occurs when the bone infection spreads to a nearby joint.

Skin Cancer: If osteomyelitis appears in the form of open sore with draining pus, then surrounding skin is more likely to develop squamous cell cancer.

Bone Death: Bone infection interferes with blood circulation in a bone that leads to bone death.  Areas surrounding died bone need to be removed surgically to make antibiotics effective.

Impaired Growth: In children, the average growth of joints and bones gets affected if osteomyelitis appears in softer areas that are called growth plates at both ends of long bones such as legs and arms.


Doctors first analyze the symptoms with a gentle touch and feel if there is any tenderness, warmth, and swelling. In case, the patient is suffering from foot ulcer, doctor use probe to know the proximity of the bone beneath the skin. Doctors recommend a combination of tests to diagnose osteomyelitis, including diagnosis of germ responsible for causing the infection.

Blood Tests: Blood tests reflect increased WBC (White Blood Cells) count that helps to determine whether your immune system fights against infection or not.

Imaging Tests:  X-ray, Computerized Tomography (CT scan), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging are recommended tests to diagnose osteomyelitis thoroughly. X-rays help to detect damage that occurred to the bone while MRI provides a clearer picture of the bone and surrounding tissues or cells. CT scan is preferred in cases where the patient doesn’t have an MRI.

Homeopathic Treatment for Osteomyelitis

Treatment of osteomyelitis depends upon the severity of the disease. Doctors treat chronic osteomyelitis with surgery while acute osteomyelitis with antibiotics only. Osteomyelitis Treatment in Homeopathy has proven benefits. There are also specific homeopathy medicines that are effective against osteomyelitis. Professional homeopaths commonly treat wound infections, joint disorders, and bone injuries. Sometimes, doctors find acupuncture quite effective against swelling, pain, fever, and inflammation. Dr. Singhal Homeo has treated various patients with acute osteomyelitis with medication tailored to individual needs.

Patient’s Video Testimonial for Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis is spreading across the world and predominantly appears in males. People over 45 years of age have a higher risk of developing spinal osteomyelitis. It is a severe ailment that needs treatment immediately without any delay.

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