Dr. Singhal Homeo is a popular Homeopathy Clinic located in the heart of Chandigarh.
Dr. Vikas Singhal has been practicing here for 19+ years, providing the best and effective Homeopathic treatment for mild, acute, chronic, autoimmune, and rare diseases.

Dr. Singhal Homeo–For the best Homeopathic treatment of mild, acute, chronic, autoimmune, and rare diseases!

Now, you can purchase your Treatment Package online, best suited to your needs.
Follow these steps to choose your package and Start Treatment.

  1. Select Country or Region
  2. Select Your Problem (Checkboxes)
  3. Select A Treatment Period (Time period+Charges)
  4. Confirm by making payment.

Once your payment is confirmed,

  1. You will receive a Questionnaire in your email inbox.
  2. Dr. Vikas Singhal will contact you over a video call.
  3. Dr. Vikas will go through your case history, test reports, previous prescriptions, etc.
  4. Based on your diagnosis, Dr. Vikas will personalize and prepare your medicines.
  5. Your will receive your medicines on your address via courier/post.

During the course of your treatment, Dr. Vikas Singhal and his team will take regular follow ups from you. If you face any problem during your treatment, you can contact Dr. Vikas or his team on WhatsApp.