Patient’s testimonials

Payal Chauhan

Someone who made me believe in homeopathy! 🌸

Krishna C. Shukla

My father suffers from type 2 diabetes and osteomyelitis complications, undergoing five surgeries within eight months without relief. I learned about Dr. Singhal’s Homeo clinic. Dr. Singhal’s studies of case and clinical diagnosis sharply pinpointed the problem. Since starting treatment, my father’s condition has significantly improved, with symptoms under control and progressing positively. Dr. Singhal dedicates ample time to patients and closely monitors their progress. I only regret not reaching out to him sooner. Not only is he an excellent doctor, but he’s also a humble, compassionate, and approachable individual. May God bless him, and I extend my best wishes for his future endeavors.

sahishnu patel

My mother Age -65 was suffering of aplastic anemia. We consulted Dr Singhal and earlier she was dependent on Romi injections and steroids. Best haematologist in our city also declared that she is dependent patient. We have approached to Dr Singhal and understood the case in detailed and prescribed medicine which helps to stabilise CBC. Now she is doing well as well as her overall well being also improved. Even now we have stopped taking any steroids and injections. Thanks to Dr Singhal and their Team.

Niti Bhatia

Dr. Singhal is incredible. Not only he take care of my health, but he is lovely to speak and also a good consultant. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding knowledge of medical care. I highly recommend to anyone.

Anuradha Sarsar

Glad to have a doctor like Dr singhal! We really appreciate him. A genuine doctor who actually uses genuine homeopathy medical methods to treat the patient. Thank you for being here doctor!

Heena Chauhan

A faithful doctor and bright personality for the dark society

Rajesh Kumar Arya

I have been taking Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Vikas Singhal for almost 3 months for Ankylosing spondylitis. I have already started observing the benefits. The pain is almost gone and I hope that I could have found this Homeopathic clinic earlier. Highly recommend Dr. Singhal Homeo clinic for ankylosing spondylitis treatment.

Rananjay Singh

Very good doctor, my friend was suffering from ulcerative colitis since childhood and had no hope. After getting treatment from him for 2 years, he is living a normal life and have 90 % relief. Thanks Dr vikas!

Amit Modi

Dr Singhal’s expertise and treatment has been fantastic. The diagnosis and management of my daughter’s condition has been excellent. We highly recommend his treatment.

Anuradha Dhiman

I was suffering with ulcerative colitis from 3 years . Approx. 6 month ago, I was admitted in hospital because condition was worst and I was taking allopathic treatment. That give me temporary relief. But with time , that medicine added some more fissure and I felt pain when I was breathing,as well as in my stomach , I also loose was very depressing phase. In allopathy there is no permanent cure of ulcerative colitis. It just manage symptoms.That time one of my friend has suggested me about Dr. Vikas Singhal.when I met him, I feel like now I am on a right place.He is very kind,Very polite, very friendly, having very positive Aura . He is blessings of God for me. He has listen my problem very calmly…and give me hope and motivation as well. From very first day I started recovering nd now health-wise I am really feeling very good. But the main thing is…properly following of instructions,….diet…medicine….etc.Finally ,I am happy and relaxed .My body is healing very fast.Very soon I will completely recover from ulcerative colitis .Dr. vikas sir is expertise in his field. Anyone who is suffering from any disease, specially those who loose hope and having incurable disease like ulcerative colitis etc. ,please don’t loose hope, visit here. Honestly , you will feel.. you are on a right place like I felt.You will get the solution . Thank you very much sir, for giving me the hope , healing and for care.

Harman Kaur

It’s been a wonderful experience with doctor and his team , who find a root cause of the problem before giving any medication

Amit Arora

I m writing this review for my daughter aged 3+ years and suffering from alopecia areata. We noticed sudden hair loss in circular patches on my daughter’s head in October 2023. Firstly we went to pgi chandigarh for her treatment. Doctors in pgi diagnosed my daughter with alopecia areata and advised a cream and a shampoo, as advised we started the treatment. However even after two months we noticed no improvement. Then i discussed the problem with my colleagues and one of my colleague advised to go for homeopathy. As i searched for homeopathic doctors in chandigarh, i came to know about Dr. Singhal homeo clinic sector 38. After reading reviews about the clinic, i fixed appointment with doctor Vikas Singhal. Doctor listened us very patiently and gave us hope that it can be cured. We started treatment for alopecia areata in dr. singhal homeo clinic on 11.01.2024, it has been around 2 months since we started the treatment and we have noticed significant improvement. Hairs have started growing on area where patch was developed. Now we are confident that our daughter’s alopecia areata will be cured fully with homeopathy. We are thankful to Dr Vikas Singhal and team for the treatment.


I was diagnosed with a skin condition last year . Went to number of skin specialist including doctors in Medanta Gurgaon. But I remained hopeless everytime. My condition not improved with allopathy medicines Allopathy doctors treat patients like robots not humans. I was so much in pain and mentally disturbed. But my search come to an end when I meet doctor Vikas Singhal. He consultation was so good. He explained everything about the problem and treatment calmly. I am under his treatment for last 4 months and my health is improving. I am sure I will be absolutely fine with the guidance of Dr Vikas Singhal. Folks don’t loose hope if you are suffering from a major disease. Homeopathy has done wonders where modern science failed. Atleast visit Dr Vikas Singhal once if you are hopeless

Mahakavtar Singh

Choosing Dr. singhal clinic for homeopathic treatment was a wise decision. My PCOD have significantly improved, I tried many allopathy treatment but doesn’t work for me. Thanks to their dedicated team.

Sunil Rajput

My daughter born in 2011 was suffering from improper development of brain especially left hemisphere brain damage and treated by PGI Chandigarh doctors with no effect at all and at the age of 4 years they declared that as half brain is not working so we can’t help much …as due to paralysis of one arm and her slurred speech we became very hopeless but then in 2015 somebody advised us to visit Dr. Singhal homeopathic clinic in sector 38 c Chandigarh and after that every ray of hope was started kindling in our family and it was miraculous that she started improving day by day and now after talking to her no body can even imagine what she is suffering from.. Now she can speak and understand everything as of her age children.. normal teething walking and height development.. all milestones properly working. Dr. Singhal has taken every minute details of mother history during pregnancy and attended her regularly… Now our daughter is 11 years old and we are fully satisfied with the homeopathic treatment given by Dr. Vikas Singhal Sir..We don’t know about people say about homeopathy medicine but For OUR FAMILY HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE HAS WORKED SCIENTIFICALLY AND RATIONALLY… .ALL PGI DOCUMENTS ARE ALSO QUITE DEPICTING. THANKS TO DR. SINGHAL AND HIS TEAM especially ANJALI MAM who guides and helps us like a Sister…. Thanks HOMEOPATHY