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Treatment Charges

Group Country 1 Months 2 Months 3 Months
Group l US / Canada US$ 120 US$ 200 US$ 300
Group ll Europe / Australia US$ 120 US$ 200 US$ 300
Group lll Asia / Africa US$ 120 US$ 200 US$ 300
Group lV India (Patients residing in India) Rs. 3500 Rs. 6800 Rs. 10000

* Although the charges are given in general, for a particular case, charges for medicines may increase or decrease from patient to patient.

Treatment over telephone/video call

Telemedicine is a service specifically designed for our patients who cannot visit our clinics, but who receive the same treatment at home, whether they are nearby, in another state or abroad. Our unique telemedicine services serve patients in various countries. We specialize in the interpretation of laboratory test reports and medical reports (which you receive from your doctor or local laboratory and send us an e-mail), and our doctors will talk to you about your situation. We draw up a treatment plan and send you your first medications accordingly.

If you are already taking the treatment for your chronic or critical condition, our doctor can give a second opinion about your diagnosis and discuss results comparable to the treatment.

On the other hand, people with spontaneously or directly resolved problems can get what they need after a “one-off” discussion with our doctor

Our telemedicine service – how does it work?

Our telemedicine service operates primarily on the Internet. It may happen that if the doctor needs clarification to help fill the information gap, he makes a phone call.

Once the treatment strategy is defined, a small medication kit is provided to the patient. This kit contains most of the medications the patient may need to deal with emergencies or specific conditions that may occur during treatment, such as pain, bleeding, etc. The patient continues to report his or her health problems and consequently the directions regarding which medicine to use and how to administer them. The response time is usually a few hours and in rare cases up to 48 hours.