What Actually Causes Cancer? What Are The Most Effective Homeopathic Remedies To Treat Cancer?/ कैंसर के लिए होम्योपैथिक उपचार/ ਕੈਂਸਰ ਲਈ ਹੋਮੀਓਪੈਥੀ ਦਵਾਈਆਂ

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There are more than 100 different types of cancer, and each one of them is classified by the type of cell that is primarily affected.

Cancer is eventually the result of cells that uncontrollably grow and do not die. Normal cells in the body follow a programmed path of growth, division, and ultimately death, that is called apoptosis, and when this process breaks down, cancer starts to form. In this case, cancer cells do not experience programmatic death and instead continue to grow and divide. This all result in a mass of abnormal cells that grows uncontrollable.

There are many factors that usually contribute to developing various cancer forms; however, given below are some of the most common factors that lead to this life-threatening condition …

  • UV Rays of Sun : A number of studies done over the years have clearly shown the damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, ultraviolet (UV) is a confirmed carcinogen that if present in excess, can cause skin cancer because of the gene mutations from exposure to these harmful rays. These UV rays can cause or contribute to the risk of various types of skin cancer including melanoma, which is the most serious and often deadly type.
  • Genes : A lot of people can develop cancer due to their genetic makeup, or DNA. There are certain mutated genes that can be passed onto children from generation to generation, which is something you can’t prevent or control. One of the prime examples of this is Breast cancer. In case of breast cancer, there are two main genes that can be inherited, which can increase the risk of this type of cancer within families or heredities.

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  • Unhealthy lifestyle Choices : There are many lifestyle choices that can play a key role in the risk of developing cancer, and out of these poor eating habits and little physical activity are two major ones. Although the research relating to diet and cancer is still underway, but many health experts suggest that a poor diet can increase the risk of cancer.
  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption : Excessive alcohol consumption can result in many serious medical conditions, such as cancer, mental health problems as well as cardiovascular diseases. These all conditions can put a very serious effect on your personal and professional life, which can result in some serious problems. Some of the most common cancers associated with drinking alcohol excessively over a long period of time include colon, liver, throat and breast cancer. In the case of breast cancer, excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk by around 10-percent.
  • Cigarette Smoking : The list of factors that cause cancer cannot be completed without mentioning smoking. Cigarette smoking can cause various types of cancer, especially which develop in the mouth, lung, throat, and stomach.

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But reader is advised very strongly to use the medicines only under medical supervision and these medicines should never ever consumed without proper consultation with your doctor or GP.

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Dr. Vikas Singhal B.Sc. ,B.H.M.S., (B.F.U.H.S.) D.N.H.E.

Dr. Vikas Singhal, a classical homeopath, has been practicing and treating patients now for the last 20 years, mainly in Chandigarh and Mohali (Punjab), India. Dr. Vikas is having a rich and varied clinical experience with a number of national and international achievements in his credit from presenting different case study papers on osteomyelitis, i.b.s. and cancer of various types in not only a new and innovatively designed method of applying homeopathy but with a blend of nutrition and spirituality. He applies all types of energy healing theories and practices together to give relief to all patients without being prejudiced. Dr. Vikas has vivifying energy, compassion, and passion to take homeopathic treatment to altogether new heights and avenues. he is known for his unique and peculiar style of case taking with the inclusion of diet.

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