Compulsive Masturbation Treatment in Homeopathy

Masturbation AddictionMasturbation Syndrome, commonly known as Compulsive Masturbation Disorder (C.M.S.), is a type of hypersexuality disorder. Many men and women may feel a compelling urge to masturbate. This doesn’t show that they may be sexually violent or perverted in their behavior; instead, it indicates the presence of an underlying physical or emotional cause. It’s rather unfortunate that people find it shameful to search or go for compulsive masturbation treatment, which may be harmful in the long run if left untreated. Homeopathy is one of the best and most effective ways of compulsive masturbation treatment. Homeopathic medicine for masturbation syndrome helps eliminate compulsive sexual behaviors without causing any side effects.

Types of Masturbation

There are mainly 3 types of masturbation:

  1. Obsessive Masturbation – Masturbation may cease to serve its purpose of stress relief under circumstances of obsessive masturbation. In obsessive masturbation, a person is usually involved in an inward personal fantasy world. One may get used to it as an inappropriate way of finding a solution to other issues, or so one may think. But because of the pleasure seeking centers of the brain being habituated of the dopamine, triggered by masturbating, he/she may have trouble breaking the habit. Such obsessive behavior may interfere with decision-making, action planning, and execution. Furthermore, it may incur a loss of one’s personality and commitments towards their life.
  2. Compulsive Masturbation – Masturbation becomes compulsive when it gets in the way of one’s work, responsibilities, or social life. Like any other behavior or habit, compulsive masturbation can disrupt one’s life. Officially, it becomes a problem when one is doing it instead of talking to people or actually indulging in intimate relation with a partner. People who are addicted to masturbation are in constant search of new exciting ways to achieve maximum sexual pleasure. This tendency may push the individual to extreme forms of conquering sexual pleasure, from watching pornography, or through masturbating in inappropriate places, i.e., the workplace or an automobile.
  3. Aggressive Masturbation – Aggressive masturbation techniques such as tight grip & vigorous strokes, when practiced over an extended period, can desensitize the penile nerves. Excessive masturbation without sufficient lubrication can cause penile skin irritation and make it sore. Repeated aggressive hand masturbation gradually desensitizes the penis due to excess pressure & friction.

Homeopathic masturbation treatment works at the root cause of the problem without causing side effects.

Symptoms of Masturbation Addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Compulsive Masturbation Syndrome

People suffering from Compulsive Masturbation Syndrome face symptoms like:

  • Felling compelled to indulge in masturbation more often, often delaying important works.
  • Becoming easily aroused by triggers and getting an urge to masturbate immediately.
  • Masturbating even when there is no desire or arousal.
  • Distancing from social gatherings and preferring to be alone.
  • Lack of interest in sex with their partners.
  • Frequently feeling tired and exhausted.
  • Inability to concentrate on work and personal activities.

Homeopathy for masturbation treatment works at the root cause of the problem and helps improve the body’s vitality.

Causes of Excessive Masturbation

The following are the leading causes of excessive masturbation:

  • Boredom
  • Loneliness or neglect
  • Low self-esteem
  • Personal inadequacy
  • Relationship problems
  • Sexual fantasies
  • High sexual drive
  • Ease of access to sexual content
  • Alcohol or drug abuse problems
  • A history of physical or sexual abuse
  • Family conflicts or family members with issues such as addiction

Homeopathic medicine for masturbation treatment works equally for males and females and is safe.

Side Effects of Compulsive Masturbation

Pleasure centres are activated by the act of masturbation. Therefore, especially in the early years of life, it can become an addiction. People also tend to use it to tackle loneliness and boredom. It can be normal to do more than 3 to 4 times a week. However, if there is an urge to masturbate multiple times daily, it is time for concern. In the 20s, compulsive masturbation causes harmful physical and psychological problems, including:

  • Back pain or discomfort
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Penis shrinkage
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Groin and/or testicular discomfort and pain

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The compulsive masturbation behavior over the years can be reversed with the help of Homeopathic medication. Homeopathic medicine for masturbation treatment (compulsive) helps restore libido (sexual desire) with the most effective and natural ingredients in by Homeopathy. While it may be essential to opt for medications when you are frequently compelled to the act of masturbation, it is also necessary to make seek medical advice from a trusted Homeopathic specialist and get the right treatment.

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