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Best Homeopathy Treatment and Doctor for Prurigo Nodularis in New Delhi

Doctor for Prurigo Nodularis in New Delhi

Prurigo Nodularis is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis of unknown aetiology. It causes a papulonodular eruption which is extremely itchy. Patients may be driven to distraction via the itch/scratch cycle that the disorder induces, as may their medical professionals with the aid of their incapacity to treat the situation easily.

The regular scratching leads to the progress of discrete, excoriated, nodular, hyperpigmented/purpuric lesions with crusted or scaly surfaces. The scaling, thickening and hyperkeratosis of the skin, caused by way of scratching, is known as lichen simplex chronicus which may additionally gift in a plaque-like type.

Prurigo Nodularis is indeed a challenging disease to treat. The conventional treatment involves the use of cortisone, cryosurgery and also the use of antibiotics wherever one faces an infection. Dr. Singhal Homeo provides the best homeopathy treatment for prurigo Nodularis in New Delhi which treats Prurigo Nodularis with intensive care and experienced doctors. Our treatment does focus on the genetic as well as autoimmune factors and also on the deeper level and the results are good.

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