Mobile Phone and its effects on your health

In modern era, mobile phones have become an integral part of contemporary telecommunications in everyone’s life. Mobile phone market is developing at a great pace in many countries as their over half of the population use mobile phones.

However, as every invention brings some limitations, similarly it is very important to understand the risks and possible effects associated with mobile phone use before making the decision that how you should use your mobile phone.

The Working System Of Mobile Phones

The mobile phone system works similar to a two-way radio, which includes the individual handset and the base stations. To get the maximum coverage, base station antennae are generally set up high off the ground. A mobile phone consists of a radio receiver along with a transmitter.

In case you make a call, your mobile phone uses radiofrequency radiation via its antenna to talk to a close by base station. Once your signal received by the base station, your call is directed through the landline phone system.

The levels of RF radiation emitted by the mobile phone handsets differ mainly depending on three important things:

  • The duration you use the phone
  • How close you hold the phone to your body
  • Your distance to the base station

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Health Concerns Associated With Mobile Phone Use

As discussed above, mobile phones or cell phones communicate with base stations by means of radiofrequency (RF) radiation. In case if radiofrequency radiation is very high, it gives rise to a ‘thermal’ effect, in other words, raises body temperature. Moreover, there are some other concerns that the low levels of radiofrequency radiations emitted by mobile phones can also cause health issues like headaches or brain tumours.

Mobile Phone Use And Cancer

Though it has not yet been totally established that mobile phones are seriously very dangerous but researchers are still exploring the concern. Even some researchers have found strong links that living in an area of mobile phone base stations or towers with high frequency can be a major cause of brain cancer. They ponder that there is a possibility that children can be at greater risk than adults for developing brain cancer from mobile phones because their nervous systems are not fully developed and hence are more vulnerable to factors that may cause cancer. However, some other researchers believe that as radiofrequency (RF) radiation is a form of non-ionising radiation, thus it cannot cause cancer.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

In some cases, mobile phones users have reported feeling a variety of non-specific symptoms during and after use. However, researches’ have failed to associate any of these symptoms to electromagnetic exposure.

Mobile Phones And Other Possible Health Effects

Though researchers are still exploring the concern that whether mobile phone use causes health problems or not (apart from cancer); there is possibility that mobile phone use can also have other indirect health effects, which mainly include:

  • Medical Electronic Equipment : There are chances that RF radiation can interfere with medical electronic equipment (including pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, and some hearing aids) in case if the equipment is vulnerable to the field. Therefore, it is always advised that mobile phone handsets should be turned off in hospitals.
  • Road Accidents : various studies have shown that use of a mobile phone while driving increases the risk of road accidents to a great extent. In many countries talking on a hand-held mobile phone while driving is illegal and punishable.
  • Adverse Health Impacts: Scientists have reported several adverse health effects of using mobile phones, which includes changes in brain activity, reaction times, and sleep patterns. However, further research is underway to try to confirm these findings.

There are also many possibilities of interference between mobile phones signals and aircraft electronics. Even some countries have licensed mobile phone use on plane during flight by using systems that control the phone output power.

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