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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, earlier known as attention deficit disorder or ADD, is a neurobehavioral disorder. Core symptoms of inattentiveness, distractibility, hyperactivity, and impulsivity characterize this condition. The prevalence of ADHD in children is estimated to range from 5-11%. Adult ADHD is rare, with approximately 2-5%. The condition of ADHD is considered chronic and debilitating. Furthermore, it impacts the individual in many aspects, including academic & professional achievements, interpersonal relationships, and daily functioning. Diagnosing ADHD in kids is complex, as the classic behavior symptoms of it are often part of a kid’s normal development. But don’t worry, Homeopathy can help! Homeopathy treatment for ADHD can help in controlling hyperactivity, improving concentration, and restoring normal brain function.

As it is more common in children who also suffer from issues like stopped physical growth, a general lack of focus, weak immunity, etc., one can also get their treatment in Homeopathy. In fact, Homeopathic medicines for weak immunity can significantly improve the kids’ disease-fighting ability and improve their general health. Moreover, Homeopathic medicines for childhood asthma are also efficient in improving the health of kids suffering from this respiratory condition.

Types of ADHD

American Psychiatric Association (APA) categorizes ADHD into 3 types to ensure it is diagnosed more consistently.

  1. Predominantly Inattentive – Children with this type of ADHD have extreme difficulty focusing, finishing tasks, and following instructions. It is more common among girls.
  2. Predominantly Hyperactivity-Impulsive – Kids with this type of ADHD show hyperactive and impulsive behavior. This can include:
    • Fidgeting
    • Interrupting people while they’re talking
    • Not being able to wait for their turn
  3. Combination of Both – This is the most common type of ADHD. Children with a combined type of ADHD display both inattentive and hyperactive symptoms. These include a lack of focus, impulsiveness, and high energy levels.

Homeopathic medicine for ADHD can be effective and is administered in smaller doses. Aside from its effectiveness, Homeopathy for ADHD treatment is also safe.

Causes of ADHD

To date, the exact cause of ADHD is unknown. But there are some theories found to be associated with the condition that are:

  • Genetics – ADHD tends to run in families.
  • Biological – ADHD is associated with how certain neurotransmitters work, especially dopamine and norepinephrine. This difference causes changes in two different attentional networks of the brain — the default network, related to automatic attention, and the task-positive network, associated with directed or effortful attention.
  • Environment – Exposure to environmental toxins, lead, for example, has been linked to ADHD in children.
  • Prenatal Exposure to Nicotine, Alcohol & Drugs – Smoking and/or drug & alcohol use during pregnancy is associated with ADHD in children.

Homeopathic medicine for ADHD can effectively help deal with the above-mentioned causative factors and stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

Why Homeopathy for ADHD Treatment?

Homeopathic treatment for ADHD works in the following manner:

  • Homeopathy is effective for many types of emotional and psychological problems in kids & adults, including ADHD.
  • It helps to restore their natural state of emotional health and overall well-being without causing any side effects.
  • According to Research Gate Study, the behavioral complications in children are metabolic in nature. Therefore, for an ADHD cure, one must aim to correct a child’s metabolism. Homeopathic medicines for ADHD help improve a child’s learning ability, control hyperactivity and improve concentration.
  • Homeopathy for ADHD treatment can help reduce hyperactivity, improve concentration, and control impulsivity, leading to better overall behavior and performance. As a result, children with ADHD can experience improved academic and social functioning.

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