Aplastic Anemia


Homeopathic Treatment and Medicine for Alopecia AreataAplastic anemia is a rare (5-10 cases per million), serious condition where the bone marrow fails to produce white cells, red cells and the platelets. Aplastic anemia is observed in children as well as in adults.

The term Aplastic comes from the word aplasia that means failure of generation or formation. Anemia means deficiency in the oxygen-carrying component of the blood.

The spongy material inside the bones is called as bone marrow and is like a factory that produces blood cells (red cells, white cells and platelets). In case of Aplastic anemia bone marrow fails to form or develop blood cells.


The red cells in the blood carry oxygen from the lungs to all areas of the body. In Aplastic anemia with less number of red cells, body parts do not get sufficient oxygen that is absolutely essential for their functioning.

White cells fight infection by attacking and destroying germs and their less number in Aplastic anemia leads to poor defense mechanism making the suffering individual prone to various and at times lethal infections.

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Platelets are blood cells that control bleeding by forming blood clots in areas of injury. Reduced platelets lead to blood clotting disorder, whereby blood does not clot naturally, leading to uncontrolled bleeding.

Suggestion about Homeopathic Treatment:

Role of Homeopathy in Aplastic anemia

01. Homeopathy medicines attempt to stimulate the healthy portion of bone marrow to improve cell production. This may help to reduce the number of blood transfusions.

02. Homeopathy medicines improve general vitality and well being of a patient to help him fight infections.

03. Homeopathy medicines can be useful to control bleeding disorder associated with Aplastic anemia.

04. Homeopathy medicines are effective in curtailing further course and pace of disease.

05. The diagnosis of Aplastic anemia can have terrible emotional impact on the patient, which can have detrimental effect on immunity, thus adding fuel to the fire. Homeopathy medicines having positive influence on the psyche of patient can take care of this mind-body link.

06. Homeopathy medicines are beneficial in countering side-effects associated with conventional therapy.

07. Homeopathy medicines have very effective long term beneficial effect or preventive effect in terms of countering genetic tendencies and balancing disturbed immunity that are root causes of this serious malady. The chances of relapse significantly diminish with homeopathy treatment. The important point that should be emphasized is that when dealing with serious condition like Aplastic anemia, the beneficial effects of multiple therapeutic systems should be used in concordance with each other. There cannot be a single or exclusive line of treatment. Homeopathy medicines, as they do not adversely interfere with conventional medication, are absolutely safe.

However, considering the pace and grievous nature of disease, homeopathy alone may have limitations in managing Aplastic anemia. One cannot expect miraculous cure for Aplastic anemia with homeopathy alone. Nonetheless, homeopathy treatment along with conventional treatment can add a lot to quality management of patient with Aplastic anemia. It should be emphasized that Homeopathic treatment is not a substitute to any mode of modern medicine such as blood transfusion or bone marrow transplant, etc. The role of homeopathy is more complementary than alternative, when it comes to managing Aplastic anemia.

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