Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes


Dry eyes occurs due to decreased secretion of tears in the eyes’ tear glands.

Types of Dry Eyes

It is of two types:

  1. Primary: Where the problem is inherent and the tear glands secrete less amount of tears.
  2. Secondary: Where the tear glands secrete less tears due to some systemic problem or auto-immune disease or some medications.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

  1. Itching
  2. Dryness
  3. Burning
  4. Redness
  5. Irritation
  6. Excessive tears
  7. Blurred vision improving with blinking
  8. Increased sensitivity to bright light
  9. Sensation of speck in the eye
  10. Pulling sensation behind the eye
  11. Increased discomfort after reading, watching TV or working on the computer, driving


  • Aging
  • Increased symptoms in dry weather and environment and better in humid weather and environment like rainy days and in the shower
  • Hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause can cause dry eyes
  • Antihistamines, sedatives, diuretics, Tricyclic antidepressants, phenothiazines, beta-blockers, nasal decongestants, atropine ,pain relieving opiates such as morphine and birth control pills can cause dry eyes
  • Sjogrens’ syndrome
  • Sensory denervation
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Wegeners’ Granulaomatosis
  • Diabetics are at an increased risk of dry eyes
  • Thermal or chemical burns
  • Bulging eyes
  • Drooping Eyelid
  • LASIK ,refractive surgeries
  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Trachoma
  • Diphtheric keratoconjunctivitis

Homeopathic Treatment for Dry Eyes

Constantly blinking eyes while watching TV , working on the computer, etc. Wearing glasses or having a downward gaze while working on the computer can also help. Research has proven that consumption of dark fleshed fish and omega-3 fatty acids causes decreased incidence of dry eyes in women.

Customized contact lenses like Boston Scleral lenses are known to help in the secretion of tears.

Surgeries like blocking tear drainage, punctual plugs and cauterization of punctii are performed to help the patients.

Homeopathy can play a vital role in addressing this disease and causing better secretion of tear glands.

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