Understanding Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Homeopathy Treatment For Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis, or PsA, is a chronic inflammatory disease. It affects people who suffer from psoriasis, a condition where skin develops red and scaly patches. Psoriatic arthritis causes joint problems such as pain, swelling, and stiffness. Sometimes, it may lead to joint damage if the problem is left untreated or improperly treated. Homeopathic treatment for psoriatic arthritis is an effective alternative, that treats the disease and also provides symptomatic relief.

Symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis

A homeopathic doctor prepares and prescribes the best-suited and effective Homeopathic medicines for psoriatic arthritis, after assessing the symptoms of the patient. Below-mentioned are some of the common symptoms of PsA.

  1. Joint Stiffness & Pain: Psoriatic Arthritis primarily affects the joints of the fingers, toes, wrists, knees, ankles, etc. It causes stiffness, pain, and reduced range of motion in the affected joint.
  2. Skin Changes: Psoriatic arthritis patients often experience the symptoms associated with psoriasis, like itching, red, scaly skin.
  3. Nail Changes: PsA patients often suffer from deformities of the nails, like discoloration, pitting, and detaching nails from the nail bed.
  4. Fatigue: Chronic inflammatory reactions and associated pain can cause persistent fatigue, which may affect your quality of life. The activity and productivity levels of the person also decrease.
  5. Swelling: Swelling, tenderness, and warmth are some of the most common symptoms experienced by Psoriatic arthritis patients.
  6. Eye Inflammation: Many PsA patients are also known to suffer from eye problems, including inflammation, pain, redness in the eyes. Such people’s eyes are also highly sensitive to light.

Individualized homeopathic medicines for psoriatic arthritis are effective in alleviating the symptoms. Moreover, choosing homeopathy for psoriatic arthritis treatment is also a better and safer alternative to conventional treatment options.

Causes of Psoriatic Arthritis

Consultation with a qualified homeopathic practitioner and getting personalized homeopathic medicines for psoriatic arthritis is of utmost importance. For this understanding the causes of the disease is also critical. The following are the common causes of the disease.

  1. Genetics: People who have a history of Psoriatic Arthritis in the family are known to be at a higher risk of getting this disease in their lifetime. This suggests a strong genetic root behind this disease.
  2. Immune System Dysfunction: An immune system dysfunction is also among the main reasons behind this disease.
  3. Environmental Factors: Certain environmental triggers, like injury, infections, stress, and certain medications are known to cause this disease in high-risk individuals.
  4. Psoriasis: The main reason behind psoriatic arthritis disease can be attributed to Psoriasis disease. Many people who suffer from psoriasis are found to develop psoriatic arthritis in their lifetime.

Complications of Psoriatic Arthritis

Long-term exposure to this disease can lead to many complications. Of these, obesity is one of the major problems. Due to the joints being affected, the movement of the patient is critically limited. This results in unwanted weight gain.

Among other complications, osteoporosis, joint deformity, and stress are common. Homeopathy for psoriatic arthritis can offer holistic healing of the condition. The best thing to do as soon as you show the primary symptoms of psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis is to consult a qualified Homeopathic doctor. Depending upon your existing condition, the doctor may give you individualized homeopathic medicine for psoriasis. However, if your condition is already progressed into psoriatic arthritis, the doctor will start your personalized homeopathy treatment for psoriatic arthritis.


  1. Medical History and Physical Examination: A qualified doctor always starts with a thorough medical examination and also considers previous test reports, medical history, etc. For this, he/she may perform a physical examination to find out the manifestation of joint inflammation and changes in the skin and nails.
  2. Imaging Tests: To find the deep-lying issues, the doctor may perform X-rays, MRI, and/or ultrasound scans. These offer a physical reference to the doctor to assess your existing condition and progression.
  3. Blood Tests: C-reactive protein, often called CRP, is an inflammatory marker detected in the blood of psoriatic arthritis patients. Autoimmune antibody testing and Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, that is, ESR, are also recommended for a better idea of the internal factors that may be responsible for the disease.
  4. Psoriasis Assessment: Checking for symptoms of psoriasis in patients suffering from joint and skin problems is also critical. Checking for psoriasis can help rule out or establish it’s involvement in psoriatic arthritis manifestation.

After going through the reports a Homeopathic doctor will individualize your case as per the similarity of symptoms. After that he/she will prepare and dispense the best-suited homeopathic medicines for psoriatic arthritis.

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