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Best Homeopathic Treatment and Doctor for Premature Ejaculation in Shimla


Generally, the central nervous system controls ejaculation. Once a man gets sexually stimulated, the brain receives signals immediately. After reaching a certain level of excitement, again, the messages get transmitted to the reproductive organs that subsequently cause semen discharge early. Ejaculation usually has two phases, namely Expulsion and emission.

  1. Emission:
    It is the state when sperm gets released from the testicles and moves towards the prostate and get mixed with the seminal fluid to create semen. The vasa deferential facilitates the movement of sperm through the prostate the penis.
  2. Expulsion:
    When muscles present at the base of the penis contract, the condition is known as Expulsion and helps to sweat out the discharge.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

The exact cause of the disease is not absolute, but various psychological factors play an essential role, such as:

  1. Stress
  2. Temporary Depression
  3. Guilt
  4. Relationship Problems
  5. Lack of confidence

Behavioral, mental, and drugs are the primary treatment options for premature ejaculation. To get treatment, one must need to meet his health care professional regarding this issue. Sometimes, they recommend oral and topical medication. Homeopathy provides an effective treatment for Premature Ejaculation cases as it treats disorder naturally without potential side-effects. It provides solution to the root cause of the disease, and homeopathic medicine is always individualized.

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