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Best Homeopathy Treatment and Doctor for Chalazion in Mohali


A chalazion is a slow-growing cyst commonly develops within the eyelid. It gets enlarged slowly as a result of inflammation in meibomian glands. It is a granulomatous enlargement of meibomian glands. These glands act as a lubricant along the margins of the eyelid and produce tears. As a result of eyelid inflammation, obstruction of ducts appears that lead to retention of tears in eyes with swelling on eyelid. A chalazion is considered as a benign enlargement, but not the cancerous one.

Causes of Chalazion

Immediately after diagnosis, it is vital to consider if there is an underlying condition responsible for causing Chalazion. Numerous other medical conditions may cause Chalazion. Many times, Chalazion remains secondary to local infection, for example, a stye. It is due to the result of inflammatory cell aggregation followed by the eyelid infection such as perseptal cellulitis and hordeola or can develop due to secretions secreted by meibomian glands.

Homeopathy Treatment for Chalazion

Homeopathy Treats Chalazion entirely without surgery, and treatment is non-toxic, harmless, and 100% safe. It works on natural healing principles. Homeopathy treatment takes around 2-3 months to treat the disease entirely. Dr. Singhal Homeo provides the best homeopathy doctor and treatment for Chalazion in Mohali. To get treatment consultation, patients can contact at Dr. Singhal Homeo landline number 0172 4611747 or can live chat at WhatsApp number +91 7087462000.