Homeopathy Treatment for Hepatitis B

Homeopathic Treatment for Hepatitis B/ਹੈਪੇਟਾਈਟਿਸ/ हैपेटाइटिस बी

What Is Hepatitis B?

It is an infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis B virus. Even the term ‘hepatitis’ simply refers to inflammation of the liver. It can be caused by a number of viruses or other infections, medications, or toxins like alcohol. Apart from hepatitis B, other hepatitis viruses that can cause injury to liver cells are hepatitis A and hepatitis C. However, these viruses are not related to each other or to the hepatitis B virus, thus they differ in number of ways like in their structure, mediums of spreading, symptoms, treatment, and the outcome of the infection. On the other side, other hepatitis viruses like hepatitis D, hepatitis E, and hepatitis G do not often cause diseases.

Causes Of Hepatitis B

The hepatitis B virus is mainly transmitted in the bodily fluid of people with the infection. It is transmitted when blood, semen or another body fluid from infected individuals enters the body of someone who is not infected, it can be through a wound in the skin, a shared needle or the exchange of body fluids.

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The transmission of this virus can happen through mother to baby at birth, sharing needles, syringes, or other such equipments, sexual intercourse with an infected partner, sharing personal hygiene items like razors or toothbrushes or even from unsafe tattoo techniques. Apart from it, some unsafe medical practices, for instance, using medical equipment again and again can also cause HBV infection. However, hepatitis B does not spread through food, water, or by any casual contact.

The Symptoms And Signs Of Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B condition does not become severe during the first one to four months after acquiring the virus and this condition generally called acute hepatitis B. However, very few adults (just 30% to 50%) develop major symptoms during acute infection. The most common symptoms of acute hepatitis can include:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Fever
  3. loss of appetite
  4. nausea
  5. joint pains
  6. jaundice
  7. Pain in the upper right abdomen (due to the swollen liver)

Nevertheless, it is very rare that acute hepatitis damages the liver so severely that it cannot function anymore. The life-threatening condition in which liver stops functioning is called Fulminant hepatitis. People with this condition are prone to develop bleeding problems and coma due to the failure of the liver. These patients should be evaluated for liver transplantation.

The Diagnoses Of Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B can be diagnosed by analysing medical history and doing the physical examination. During the physical examination, doctors look for the risk factors or symptoms of hepatitis B. Abnormalities in the liver tests can be a major symptom. The exact diagnosis of hepatitis B can only be made with definite hepatitis B virus blood tests. These tests are commonly called hepatitis markers or hepatitis serologies.
The exact confirmation of hepatitis B infection can be made with the presence of markers in the blood. These markers also help to differentiate acute from chronic infection. These are the substances produced by the hepatitis B virus and antibodies produced by the immune system to scrap the virus.

Treatment Of Hepatitis B

There is not any particular treatment or medication for an acute HBV infection. However, supportive care is recommended by doctors depending on the symptoms.

In case if a person has an unprotected exposure to any infected individual’s blood or body fluid, doctors give a post-exposure “prophylaxis” including HBV vaccination and HBIG after the exposure to prevent the development of acute infection. This protocol often lowers the rate of acute infection.

In case of chronic HBV infection, most of the health organisations recommend treating the patient with an antiviral medication. However, this treatment rarely cures the virus but it stops the replication of virus hence it prevents the progression to advanced liver disease.
Patients with chronic HBV infection need ongoing medical evaluation and ultrasound of the liver after every 6 months to keep an eye on for liver damage or worsening disease.

Homeopathic Treatment Of Hepatitis B

Homeopathy is believed to work very effectively to the immunological level. It has proven its efficacy in the treatment of a number of viral infections. With the help of homeopathic remedies, the Hepatitis B cases are properly controlled, as it kept under check and symptomatic relief is also obtained very well. Homeopathic treatment can also help in delaying the complications associated with Hepatitis B as long as possible. In homeopathic treatment, the disease is kept under control and general health improved with no side-effects.

Some Of The Most Common Homeopathic Remedies For Hepatitis B

The exact treatment of Hepatitis B vary from person to person, hence it is very important to consult a health expert before taking any medications. However, few of the commonly used medicines for Hepatitis B are:

  • Acetic acid: it is one of the Effective Homeopathic Remedies for those patients who feel sleeplessness during hepatitis and diarrhoea during jaundice.
  • Chelidonium: it is one of the most prominent liver remedy generally recommended for systems including jaundiced skin, pain under right scapula, liver enlarged.
  • Lycopodium : this homeopathic medicine is very useful if liver functions are severely disturbed along with emaciation and debility.

Friends, as you all know very well that classical homeopathic medicines are prescribed only on the basis of TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS with a clear cut identification of disease in patient and patient in disease also, even then we are providing here just a few homeopathic medicines for different types of medical problems in a short way.

But reader is advised very strongly to use the medicines only under medical supervision and these medicines should never ever consumed without proper consultation with your doctor or GP.

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Dr. Vikas Singhal B.Sc. ,B.H.M.S., (B.F.U.H.S.) D.N.H.E.

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    1. Kindly send us all your details like name, problem details, address, photo of the affected area, previous prescriptions and doctor reports, etc., on our WhatsApp numbers +91 7087462000, +91 9041111747.

      Once the doctor has studied your case, someone from our clinic will contact you. You can choose between visiting our clinic for an in-person or an online audio/video consultation (as required and decided by the patient and the doctor) with the doctor.

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