Corona Virus (Covid-19) and latest trends in Homeopathy

Arising from the wet markets of Wuhan, China, the global outbreak of COVID-19 virus, commonly called ‘Corona’ virus, started in the early days of January, 2020. COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus is one of the strains of a group of viruses called SARS-viruses. SARS is abbreviation for Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome. With more than 4 lakh […]

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Corona Virus infection-Treatment

Precautions to Prevent Corona Virus and Its Prevention and Treatment In Homeopathy

You must have heard in recent news about the coronavirus outbreak. It is a common topic among members of our medical fraternity due to the persistent rise in the number of coronavirus cases. The first case of the coronavirus was registered in 2002 in China. On December 31, 2019, the WHO China office first heard […]

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