Krishna C. Shukla

Testimonial #262

My father suffers from type 2 diabetes and osteomyelitis complications, undergoing five surgeries within eight months without relief. I learned about Dr. Singhal’s Homeo clinic. Dr. Singhal’s studies of case and clinical diagnosis sharply pinpointed the problem. Since starting treatment, my father’s condition has significantly improved, with symptoms under control and progressing positively. Dr. Singhal […]

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sahishnu patel

Testimonial #261

My mother Age -65 was suffering of aplastic anemia. We consulted Dr Singhal and earlier she was dependent on Romi injections and steroids. Best haematologist in our city also declared that she is dependent patient. We have approached to Dr Singhal and understood the case in detailed and prescribed medicine which helps to stabilise CBC. […]

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Niti Bhatia

Testimonial #260

Dr. Singhal is incredible. Not only he take care of my health, but he is lovely to speak and also a good consultant. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding knowledge of medical care. I highly recommend to anyone.

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Anuradha Sarsar

Testimonial #259

Glad to have a doctor like Dr singhal! We really appreciate him. A genuine doctor who actually uses genuine homeopathy medical methods to treat the patient. Thank you for being here doctor!

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Rajesh Kumar Arya

Testimonial #257

I have been taking Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Vikas Singhal for almost 3 months for Ankylosing spondylitis. I have already started observing the benefits. The pain is almost gone and I hope that I could have found this Homeopathic clinic earlier. Highly recommend Dr. Singhal Homeo clinic for ankylosing spondylitis treatment.

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Rananjay Singh

Testimonial #256

Very good doctor, my friend was suffering from ulcerative colitis since childhood and had no hope. After getting treatment from him for 2 years, he is living a normal life and have 90 % relief. Thanks Dr vikas!

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Amit Modi

Testimonial #255

Dr Singhal’s expertise and treatment has been fantastic. The diagnosis and management of my daughter’s condition has been excellent. We highly recommend his treatment.

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Anuradha Dhiman

Testimonial #254

I was suffering with ulcerative colitis from 3 years . Approx. 6 month ago, I was admitted in hospital because condition was worst and I was taking allopathic treatment. That give me temporary relief. But with time , that medicine added some more fissure and I felt pain when I was breathing,as well as […]

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