Patient’s testimonials

Testimonial #29

This is a thanking gesture from Navya’s father in the form of a story.

Sir, it was September 2017 when our 13-month-old Navya fell-down, and we thought it was just a fumble and ignored it. Three days later, we noticed that she was not walking as usual. She felt immense pain when I touched near her right knee joint in the leg. We got her x-ray done and the first time came to know that she had osteomyelitis. I read about this decease on the internet, the more I was reading about this problem, I was getting nervous and hopeless too. I went to Patna and consulted a specialist, and he suggested immediate surgery, I did not want my daughter to go through such a complicated and painful treatment.

As I was continuously in touch with the internet, I was open for all better options. But I also kept this in mind that I had little time because with the time the disease could spread more and can worsen the situation.

I was praying to GOD, why, he has given so much pain to a little child.

“GOD HEARD ME” I Came across Dr. VIKAS SINGHAL in CHANDIGARH through the internet. He responded to me quickly, and assured me and also consoled me. I thought to try with his homeopathic treatment. The result was quick, then we accepted. After about four weeks, there was a wound formation below the right knee (infected area). After two weeks, the infection burst out, and all the infection came out in the form of “pus.” We time to time kept reporting about the situation, by WhatsApp.

Testimonial #28
Testimonial #27

Dr.Singhal is an expert physician & also honest in his profession. I started homeopathy around 5 years ago when Dr.saab became our neighbor & I find Homeopathy is safe medicine and it cures naturally. Its effectiveness is as equal as allopathy but no harmful effects as allopathy do.

Moreover being a dietician Dr.Saab promotes the use of Organic food & also provides valuable information about nutritive food items and makes his patient Diet Conscious because the diet is most important to remain healthy & fit.

Gurjot Singh
Testimonial #26

Respected Dr. Vikas ji very experienced and intelligent dr. In Homeopathy field. He is very hard working and transparent doctor. He examines my problems as a family member and always show me a right path(way) in my difficult situations. I always fell better and comfortable with dr. Vikas. Today I have very great and unbelievable results with Homeopathy medicine. I am so glad and lucky to have a dr. like vikas sir in Homeopathy field. According to me he is the one of the best Homeopathy doctor in Chandigarh

Navneet Kaur
Testimonial #25

Dr. Vikas is very experienced in his field. He is very polite and dedicated to his work. As per my personal experience– I approached him in 2012 related to some medical problem. Dr. Vikas guided me as a close friend. I was feeling very comfortable during the discussion with him related to my medical problem. I believe that homeopathy is one of the best cure to any medical problem in any age without any side effect.

Thank You, Doctor, for your help and support.

Pardeep Singh Batra
Testimonial #24

Singhal Homeo clinic. Dr. Vikash Ji very experiences holder. We often visit there. Homeopathy is great and future medicine. It’s no side-effects. Plz try it for good health.

Vîjãÿ Čhäłîå
Testimonial #23

Dr.Vikas is an intelligent cum transparent doctor when it comes to treatment of any sort of ailment. Before meeting him in 2013 I used to think homeopathy is a slow and less effective mode of treatment, but after taking his advice and medication for several small and big issues during the course of 3 years, I realized the effectiveness and long term healing of homeopathic medicines. I strongly recommend Singhal Multispeciality Homeopathic Clinic.

Sahil Sareen
Testimonial #22

He is the very genuine doctor and treating patients without any greed of money.

Pawan Kaushish
Testimonial #21

I was suffering from chronic ulcerative colitis from last many years with no solution in sight…but now 50% better for the last 1.5 months…thanks to dr. Singhal

Suminder Singh Saluja
Testimonial #20

Dr. Singhal is a very good doctor n I always like to go for any kind of treatment coz he is one of d best homeopathy doctor I hv ever met.

Avtar Singh