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A wart is a small skin growth with a rough texture caused by certain types of the virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus infects the top layer of skin, generally entering the body in an area of broken skin. It causes the top layer of skin to grow quickly, resulting in the formation of wart. The majority of warts go away on their own within few months or years.

Types of Wart

The most common types of wart include:

  • Plantar warts: These warts generally appear on the soles of the feet.
  • Common warts: These warts grow on the fingers and toes. However, they can occur anywhere, mostly on the knuckles, fingers, elbows, knees, and any area with broken skin.
  • Plane/flat warts: Flat warts are round, flat, and smooth. They mostly grow on sun-exposed areas mainly on the face, thighs, or arms.
  • Filiform warts: These warts are long and thin in shape. They can grow quickly on the neck, eyelids, and armpits.
  • Periungual warts: These types of warts can be painful and they mostly grow under and around the toenails and fingernails.

Signs And Symptoms

Warts have a wide range of shapes and sizes. It may be a bump with a rough surface or it can be flat and smooth in shape. Small blood vessels develop into the base of the wart to supply it with blood. In all types of warts, these blood vessels possibly look like dark dots in the wart’s center.

homeopathic treatment for warts

Warts are generally painless. However, a wart can be painful if it grows in a spot where one usually put pressure, like on a finger or on the base of the foot.

Causes And Risk Factors Associated With Warts

Human papillomavirus (HPV) viruses leads to the unnecessary and fast growth of keratin, which is a hard protein on the top layer of the skin, hence causing warts. Different HPV strains cause different types of warts. The wart-causing virus can be transmitted by close skin-to-skin contact, and through contact with towels or shoes.

The HPV virus can spread to other parts of the body through

  1. scratching or biting a wart
  2. sucking fingers
  3. biting fingernails (if there are warts around the nails)
  4. shaving the face or legs

In case of having a wet or damaged skin and having direct contact with rough surfaces increase the risk of infection.
Though the risk of catching warts from another person is quite low, but warts can be passed on, particularly if the person has a compromised immune system.

The Diagnoses of Warts

Mostly a doctor can evaluate if a skin growth is a wart or not just by looking at it. The doctor might take a sample of the wart and look at it under a microscope, which is known as a skin biopsy. This can be done in case if it is not clear that the growth is a wart. The same might also be done if a skin growth is darker than the skin surrounding it.

Treatment For Warts

The majority of warts cleared up without any treatment. However, the time taken varies between people and it can range from a few weeks to some years, depending on the location and number of warts. Warts mostly disappear faster among young children.

The most common treatment for warts is using Salicylic acid. The majority of over-the-counter creams, gels, and medicated Band-Aids have salicylic acid. However, it is very important to protect the skin around the wart before applying these products because salicylic acid might destroy healthy skin. It is always recommended that salicylic acid should not be applied on the face.

Apart from it, Cryotherapy is also an effective way to clear up the warts. In this, a freezing liquid, mostly nitrogen, is sprayed onto the wart, which destroy the cells. However, this treatment must be carried out by a professional health care expert.

Homeopathic Treatment for Warts

Treating warts with the help of Homeopathic medicines is a very safe, mild, gentle and painless way. Homeopathy follows a restorative approach to treat warts rather than suppressing them. Homeopathic remedies improve the immune system of the body to fight with the infectious agent that is causing the warts. As homeopathic medicines for warts are mostly prepared from naturally occurring substances, thus they are free from any kind of side effects.

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But reader is advised very strongly to use the medicines only under medical supervision and these medicines should never ever consumed without proper consultation with your doctor or GP.

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