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Homeopathy for Autism – Ensure Mental Health for Your Child

Has your child been diagnosed with autism? Are you looking for autism treatment in Homeopathy? If your answers are ‘Yes,’ read this comprehensive guide by Dr. Vikas Singhal on Autism Spectrum Disorder, its causes, symptoms, and Homeopathic treatment options.

What is Autism?

Autism is a complex neurological disorder seen in children within the first 3 years of life. It can affect people differently. While some are able to live independently, others require lifelong support and care. Often, people get confused between autism with a psychiatric illness. While psychiatric illnesses are health conditions that involve changes in mood, emotion, thinking, and behavior. They are associated with mental distress and problems with social functioning due to some event. On the other hand, autism is characterized by impaired social interaction and verbal & non-verbal communication and restricted or repetitive behavior. Autism Treatment In Homeopathy has shown a significant reduction in hyperactivity, behavioral dysfunction, sensory impairment, and communication difficulty of the patient.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Early childhood developmental disorder is characterized by difficulty communicating, forming relationships, and using language and abstract concepts.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) describes a wide range of conditions. It includes autism, Asperger syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorder. These disorders are characterized by social deficits, communication difficulties, stereotyped or repetitive behavior & interests, and in some cases, cognitive delays. Homeopathic Medicine For Autism can help cure different developmental disorders without causing any side effects.

Furthermore, it is difficult for parents to spot the early signs of autism because they may mistake them for developmental delays, which goes away without any medical interventions as the child grows physically and mentally. However, autism is not merely a developmental delay. It requires early intervention and Homeopathic treatment so the child doesn’t suffer for a prolonged time due to developmental disabilities.

Homeopathic Treatment for Autism

Catch Early Symptoms for Effective Autism Treatment in Homeopathy

The early signs of autism that may emerge within the first 3 years of life are:

  • The child stares at one object continuously
  • Doesn’t smile
  • Doesn’t recognize family members
  • Doesn’t respond to their name or make eye contact when called
  • Most of the time is lost in their own world

Moreover, the following symptoms can be observed later. Social communication deficits may include:

  • Decreased sharing of interests with others
  • Difficulty appreciating their own & others’ emotions
  • Difficult to maintain eye contact
  • Lack of proficiency in non-verbal gestures
  • Stilted or scripted speech
  • Interpreting abstract ideas
  • Difficulty making friends or keeping them

Restricted interests and repetitive behaviors may include:

  • Inflexibility of behavior, extreme difficulty coping with difference
  • Overly focused on niche subjects to the exclusion of others
  • Expecting others to be equally interested in their subjects
  • Difficulty tolerating changes in routine and new experiences
  • Sensory hypersensitivity, e.g., aversion to loud noises
  • Arranging things in a very particular manner
  • Stereotypical movements such as hand flapping, spinning, etc.

Homeopathy for autism treatment helps correct the child’s accentuated state of sensitivity. Moreover, it helps to improve their motor skills and treat their perceptual difficulties.

Causes of Autism

An autistic patient’s brain exhibits structural and functional changes. However, to date, the exact cause of autism is unknown. But there are some theories found to be associated with it; they are:

  • Metabolic imbalance
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Side effects of certain vaccinations
  • Intake of some drugs or medicines during pregnancy

Behavior modification through Autism treatment in homeopathy is an age-old, well-documented approach. Homeopathic medicines work wonderfully to improve hyperactivity, temperamental issues, and self-injurious or destructive behavior.

Homeopathic Treatment Approach at Dr. Singhal Homeo, Chandigarh

  • Step-1: Consultation – At your first consultation, our doctor will spend around 30-40 minutes with you and your child to understand the extent of the condition. He also considers your child’s medical history, lifestyle, and genetics. Then, depending on all these factors, the doctor suggests certain diagnostic tests for effective autism treatment in Homeopathy.
  • Step 2: Medical Diagnosis – Diagnosis for autism includes a physical examination, medical history, and tests (like blood and genetic tests). The doctor may also suggest undergoing various screening tools to evaluate a child’s development, communication & language skills, and interaction with others.
  • Step 3: Personalized Treatment – By personalized treatment, we mean that for your case, the medicines given may not be the same as used for another autism patient. After proper evaluation, the Homeopathic doctors prepare specific Homeopathic medicines for autism.
  • Step 4: Advice on Nutrition – Our doctor will consult you on the right nutrition for the child, which will help us achieve better treatment results.

Autism treatment in Homeopathy is recommended alongside the following therapies as per the child’s needs:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Behavioral Modification
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Communication Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Therapy

Why Dr. Vikas Singhal for Best Homeopathic Medicine for Autism?

Dr. Vikas Singhal has been the leading doctor of Classical Homeopathy for over 20 years. He is currently practicing at his clinic, Dr. Singhal Homeo, Chandigarh. He has been providing his healthcare service across India, and in various countries, like Lithuania, France, Spain, Italy, Macau, Thailand, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Austria, Canada, Singapore and many more. His expertise in treating acute, chronic, rare, and autoimmune diseases makes him one of the best Homeopathic doctors in India and abroad.

Moreover, in our pharmacy all Homeopathic medicines are prepared according to the instructions of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India (HPI). For an in-person consultation with the doctor, you can visit our Chandigarh clinic or can opt for an online treatment (over a voice or video call, as required by the patient and the doctor). You can also opt for the home delivery service and get your Homeopathic Medicine For Autism at your doorsteps.

For further queries about Homeopathy For Autism Treatment, call us or WhatsApp at +91 8264408264 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Vikas Singhal B.Sc. ,B.H.M.S., (B.F.U.H.S.) D.N.H.E.

Dr. Vikas Singhal, a classical homeopath, has been practicing and treating patients now for the last 20 years, mainly in Chandigarh and Mohali (Punjab), India. Dr. Vikas is having a rich and varied clinical experience with a number of national and international achievements in his credit from presenting different case study papers on osteomyelitis, i.b.s. and cancer of various types in not only a new and innovatively designed method of applying homeopathy but with a blend of nutrition and spirituality. He applies all types of energy healing theories and practices together to give relief to all patients without being prejudiced. Dr. Vikas has vivifying energy, compassion, and passion to take homeopathic treatment to altogether new heights and avenues. he is known for his unique and peculiar style of case taking with the inclusion of diet.

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