Homeopathic Treatment for Male Infertility / पुरुष नपुंसकता/ ਮਰਦ ਬਾਂਦਰਪਨ

Male infertility can be defined as a male’s inability to cause pregnancy in a fertile female. A man’s fertility normally depends on the quantity and quality of his sperm. In case if the number of sperm a man ejaculates is quite low or if the quality of sperm is poor, it would be difficult, and even in some cases is impossible, for him to cause a pregnancy in a female. There are number of factors associated with male infertility such as low production of sperm, abnormal sperm function or blockages that avert the delivery of sperm.

What Causes Male Infertility?

Male infertility is generally caused by problems that mainly impacts sperm production or sperm transportation. However, the doctor might be able to find the exact cause of the problem through medical testing.

The majority of infertile men have a problem with producing sperm in the testes. In these cases, either low numbers of sperm are produced or the sperm that are made do not work appropriately. Sperm transport problems are also commonly found in a number of infertile men. Blockages (mostly called as obstructions) in the tubes transporting sperm away from the testes to the penis may cause a total lack of sperm in the ejaculated semen.

Apart from it, there are some other less common causes of infertility. These mainly include – sexual problems that affect the ability of semen to enter the woman’s vagina for fertilisation to happen, low levels of hormones produce in the pituitary gland that works on the testes, and sperm antibodies. Though in the majority of men sperm antibodies do not affect the chance of a pregnancy but in some cases sperm antibodies reduce fertility.

What Are The Symptoms Of Male Infertility?

The key sign of male infertility is the incapability to conceive a child. There might be any other noticeable signs or symptoms. However, in few cases, an underlying problem like any inherited disease, hormonal imbalance, dilated veins near the testicle, or any condition that blocks the sperm passage causes signs and symptoms.

Although apart from inability to conceive a child, mostly men do not notice any other symptoms, but some less common signs and symptoms associated with male infertility can be:

  1. Problems with sexual function. For instance, erectile dysfunction
  2. Pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area
  3. Recurring respiratory infections
  4. Inability to smell
  5. Abnormal breast growth
  6. Reduction in facial or body hair or other signs of hormonal abnormality
  7. Having a lower sperm count

How Is Male Infertility Diagnosed?

Those couples, who have been trying for a pregnancy without any success, must consult their doctor to have some initial tests. Diagnosis of this disorder mainly involves investigating medical history of the man and a physical examination, which include semen testing to check the number, shape and movement of sperm in the ejaculate.

Moreover, doctor may also do some blood tests to check the levels of those hormones that manage sperm production. Occasionally, genetic investigations and testicular biopsies can also be performed.

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What Are The Treatment Options For Male Infertility?

Generally it is quite difficult to identify an exact cause of infertility. However, still if an exact cause is not clear, your doctor may propose some treatments or procedures that will lead to conception.

Treatments for male infertility include can include a surgery. In surgery mainly involve correcting varicocele or repairing an obstructed vas deferens. In those cases where there are no sperm in the ejaculate, sperm can mostly be retrieved from the testicles or epididymis directly with the help of sperm retrieval techniques. Apart from it, antibiotic treatment may help to cure an infection of the reproductive tract; however, it is not always restore fertility. In respect to, sexual intercourse problems, some medications or counselling can also proves helpful in improving fertility in certain conditions like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Besides, Assisted Reproductive Technology is also one of the most sought after options for treating this condition. These treatments mainly involve getting sperm from normal ejaculation, surgical removal or from donors. In next setp, the sperm are inserted into the female genital tract, or used to carry out in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Homeopathic Treatment For Male Infertility

Homeopathy cures Infertility not as a disease, but as an inequity to be corrected. Homeopathic treatment can treat Infertility most accurately as it works on the root cause of Infertility and improves the body ability to heal itself. Homeopathy treatment for Infertility is motivating and supports a natural conception gradually.

Friends, as you all know very well that classical homeopathic medicines are prescribed only on the basis of TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS with a clear cut identification of disease in patient and patient in disease also, even then we are providing here just a few homeopathic medicines for different types of medical problems in a short way.

But reader is advised very strongly to use the medicines only under medical supervision and these medicines should never ever consumed without proper consultation with your doctor or GP.

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Dr. Vikas Singhal B.Sc. ,B.H.M.S., (B.F.U.H.S.) D.N.H.E.

Dr. Vikas Singhal, a classical homeopath, has been practicing and treating patients now for the last 20 years, mainly in Chandigarh and Mohali (Punjab), India. Dr. Vikas is having a rich and varied clinical experience with a number of national and international achievements in his credit from presenting different case study papers on osteomyelitis, i.b.s. and cancer of various types in not only a new and innovatively designed method of applying homeopathy but with a blend of nutrition and spirituality. He applies all types of energy healing theories and practices together to give relief to all patients without being prejudiced. Dr. Vikas has vivifying energy, compassion, and passion to take homeopathic treatment to altogether new heights and avenues. he is known for his unique and peculiar style of case taking with the inclusion of diet.

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