How To Stay Fit When You Have A Sedentary Lifestyle Or Work In An Office All Day?

Everybody spends much time sitting at their work place or home. However, the trend of sitting for the whole day doesn’t seem changing. People have to sit more and more at the work place or even at home, mainly because of the increased usage of technology.

Lack of physical activities is a big health concern as it is responsible for the development of a number of chronic diseases. Thus, it is need of the hour to think creatively about how to make our office spaces more active.

Here are some of the best ways to turn your sedentary lifestyle into an active workday.

  1. At work
    • Try to walk some extra blocks during your everyday commute. In case you use public transportation, use a stop that is a few blocks away from your home, so that you can walk to take the bus or train. In case you drive to work, try to park your car at the furthermost and walk to the entrance.
    • Get out of your chair once around every half an hour and walk around for some minutes. Rather than making a phone call or sending an email to a colleague, go to his desk if you want to discuss something. For moving around in the building, use the stairs in place of the elevator.

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    • If you have certain facilities available close to work such as the gym or swimming pool, use them.
    • Always sit in a proper posture. Make sure that you sit erect with your shoulder back and try to avoid bending or hunching at the desk. Moreover, you may also perform a number of simple stretches and exercises throughout the day while sitting on your seat.
    • Pack your own lunch rather than going in a restaurant. Limiting your intake of restaurant meals, will not only save money but also help to cut down on the calories. Moreover, you can also cut down on sodium, sugar and fat.
    • To deal with the cravings and avoid overeating, try to keep some small packets of nuts or cookies or chips at your desk. However, always restrict yourself to a pack a day.
    • Drink a lot of water throughout the day and always walk to the refill area to refill your bottle or glass. This not only keeps you alert and hydrated but also makes you feel full throughout the day.
  2. At home
    • Allot some time to take a walk, as a minimum of half an hour a day as it is full of health benefits.
    • Go for some outdoor activities with your kids, as these are very beneficial for you and your kids as well. This will also help your kids avoid too much playing video games or watching TV.
    • Try to do some stretching or walk around the house while doing certain activities such as watching TV.
    • Do washing of dishes and cleaning of the kitchen after dinner. In this way you can increase your physical activity as you get up to clean the dinning table and sweep the floor.
    • Do some gardening as it is one form of exercise that fall under the category of moderate-intensity physical activity.

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