Role of Homeopathy in Treating Diabetes

High blood sugar levels over long period indicate diabetes or diabetes mellitus. Increased in thirst and frequent urination and hunger are basic symptoms of diabetes. This disease is the result of pancreas not producing enough insulin or our body cells are not responding properly to produce insulin. Diabetes can assume serious complication and result in […]

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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Urticaria Treatment

Urticaria is one of the most common skin allergies. Urticaria is also known as hives or nettle rash in which erythematous, raised eruptions like that of wheals to appear on the skin along with intense itching, stinging and burning. Urticaria is nothing but one form of immunological or hypersensitivity reaction of the body in response […]

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vitamin b12 & d3

All You Need To Know About Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D3

When it comes to deficiencies, we usually think of anemia or some nutritional deficiencies. Deficiencies like Vitamin D3 deficiency and Vitamin B12 deficiency are often missed out or overlooked. Even more shocking is that many physicians are also not aware of the importance of doing the special tests for these deficiencies. At times, even when […]

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Role Of Homeopathy Treatment for Aplastic Anemia

Role Of Homeopathy In Treating Aplastic Anemia

We often speculate how small pills can do wonders when struggling with various life-threatening conditions, such as aplastic anemia. Well, that’s true! Role Of Homeopathy Treatment for Aplastic Anemia works wonders and offers you a remarkable recovery when you are battling with aplastic anemia. Role Of  Homeopathy Treatment for Aplastic Anemia Homeopathic medications improve general […]

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