Get Rid of Anal Fissures with Homeopathic Treatment

Have you ever noticed bright red streaks of blood when you wipe? Are you experiencing itching in your anal region? If so, then these symptoms may be indicative of an anal fissure. Anus lining is delicate and can tear, especially when strained or constipated. This tear may even extend up to the muscle around the anus called the anal sphincter. They are usually associated with pain, bleeding, and a sharp burning sensation often confused with the symptoms of hemorrhoids. But if you feel skin tags near the anal region, then it may be due to an anal fissure. If you are suffering from fissures & looking for treatment without surgery, read along as we discuss how Homeopathic medicines for anal fissures treatment are better than conventional ones.

What is Anal Fissure or Fissure-In-Ano?

A small tear in the inner wall of the lower anal canal is known as fissure-in-ano or anal fissure. It is usually an oval-shaped tear that forms at the anal opening. Anal fissures cause pain & bleeding with bowel movements. Some tears or ulcers are large enough to expose the tissues or muscles underneath. This is not necessarily a disease of adults; it can also occur in infants. Fissure treatment in Homeopathy addresses the root cause of the problem without causing any side effects.

Fissure Treatment in Homeopathy

Symptoms of Anal Fissure

Following are some symptoms that can be associated with an anal fissure:

  • A visible skin tear around the anus
  • Sharp pain during bowel movements
  • Presence of blood in stools or toilet paper
  • Skin tags or lumps visible around the anal area
  • Sometimes severe and lasting pain
  • Foul-smelling discharge
  • Swelling in the anal region
  • Itching or burning sensation in & around the anal area

Homeopathy Treatment for anal fissure promotes healing and helps relieve discomforts.

Causes of Anal Fissure

Anal fissures generally occur due to excessive pressure or an injury caused to the anal canal region. Listed below are some common causes of anal fissures:

  • Chronic constipation
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Hard or large stools
  • Pregnancy/childbirth
  • Straining to pass the bowels
  • Injury due to anal intercourse
  • Extremely tight sphincter muscles
  • Decreased blood flow to the anus

Other medical conditions associated with anal fissures are:

  • HIV
  • Leukemia
  • Anal cancer
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Tuberculosis
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)

Homeopathic medicine for fissure resolves the issue to a greater extent and can cure anal fissures without any surgical intervention.

Diagnosis of Anal Fissure

Anal fissures are diagnosed by visually examining the area around the anus. In order to prescribe effective Homeopathy treatment for anal fissure, a digital rectal exam may be necessary. To visualize the tear, the doctor inserts an endoscope or anoscope into the rectum. Moreover, an anoscope can also detect other causes of pain or injury, such as hemorrhoids.

The doctor may recommend a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy if they suspect other underlying problems which need to be addressed for proper fissure treatment in Homeopathy.

Furthermore, they may also suggest a fecal occult blood test. The purpose of this test is to detect hidden blood in your stool.

Why Opt for Homeopathy Treatment for Anal Fissure?

Fissure Treatment in Homeopathy works by:

  • Facilitating healing
  • Improving blood circulation to the anal mucosa
  • Correcting the underlying disturbed digestive system
  • Stimulating the peristalsis of the intestine
  • Reducing the recurrence of fissures

Fissure treatment in Homeopathy is recommended by healthcare experts worldwide. This is because Homeopathic medicines for fissure treat the cause and symptoms of the disease equally and effectively. Moreover, it is ideal for both children and adults.

Duration of Fissure Treatment in Homeopathy

A noticeable improvement is usually seen in patients within 4-6 weeks. The total duration of the Homeopathy treatment for anal fissure varies from patient to patient. The duration of the fissure treatment in Homeopathy depends on the following factors:

  • The time period of the condition
  • Type of anal fissure – acute, chronic, or recurrent
  • Cause of fissure
  • The lifestyle of the patient
  • Underlying disease conditions (chronic constipation, IBS, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc.)
  • The general health of the patient
  • Dependency on laxatives or other conventional treatments

Dr. Vikas Singhal – For Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Fissure

Dr. Vikas Singhal is a reputed Homeopathic doctor providing effective Homeopathy treatment for anal fissure & other diseases. He is practicing at his clinic – Dr. Singhal Homeo, Chandigarh treating various acute, chronic, rare, and autoimmune diseases across India for over 20 years. Homeopathic medicine for fissure is a better alternative than the conventional treatment since the latter only gives short-term relief.

Furthermore, fissure treatment in Homeopathy uses natural ingredients which do not cause side effects and offer sustained relief. Homeopathy is better for treating fissures because it can eradicate the tendency to form fissures completely.

Homeopathic treatment is based upon the multi-factorial approach, like going through your diagnosis reports, symptoms, and recurrence. Dr. Vikas Singhal then prescribes individualized Homeopathic medicine for fissure. Dr. Vikas sees patients across India and also from countries such as Lithuania, France, Spain, Italy, Macau, Thailand, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Austria, Canada, Singapore and many more.

Our clinic offers both in-person & online consultations. You can choose any of these according to your preference. Furthermore, you can also opt for home delivery of Homeopathic medicine for fissure.

For further queries about Fissure Treatment in Homeopathy, call us or WhatsApp at +91 8264408264 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Vikas Singhal B.Sc. ,B.H.M.S., (B.F.U.H.S.) D.N.H.E.

Dr. Vikas Singhal, a classical homeopath, has been practicing and treating patients now for the last 20 years, mainly in Chandigarh and Mohali (Punjab), India. Dr. Vikas is having a rich and varied clinical experience with a number of national and international achievements in his credit from presenting different case study papers on osteomyelitis, i.b.s. and cancer of various types in not only a new and innovatively designed method of applying homeopathy but with a blend of nutrition and spirituality. He applies all types of energy healing theories and practices together to give relief to all patients without being prejudiced. Dr. Vikas has vivifying energy, compassion, and passion to take homeopathic treatment to altogether new heights and avenues. he is known for his unique and peculiar style of case taking with the inclusion of diet.

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